C-Boat---Mentoring-SQUAREWorking in partnership with the Clinical Commissioning Group and third sector organisation ATP in Stockport we have supported some care leavers to access personal health budgets through a pilot.

“I felt like crap all the time… before I got a health budget.  I used the budget to get a bike and a mobile phone and I’m hopefully going on a short break soon.  My bike has made so much difference as I had been unemployed since 2007.  I got help from Pure Insight to get a paid job and now my bike is here I can get to work on it.  It takes me 20 minutes now instead of nearly an hour which makes allot of difference to me.  It has changed my life, really it has.  I can get around everywhere for free, I was struggling to afford a bus pass so now I can ride my bike even up to the hills, it makes me feel good!  I still have days when I don’t feel great but I can escape now.  Having a bike and an up to date phone has helped me get back into work again and I know I can keep this job now whereas before I might have run out of money and not been able to afford the buss.  Now that won’t happen, thanks to Ian from ATP and all the people who helped me get a budget!

It has changed my life!

Other young people have used their budget to purchase arts and craft materials, install internet into their flat for a year, and to access specialist mental health provision.