The transition to living in the adult world happens much sooner for Care Leavers than it would for many other young people with most leaving care between 16 -18 years of age.  As with any young person leaving home for the first time, they need access to continued support from significant adults who can offer sound advice, a listening ear, practical help and a considerable level of nurturing. Yet this is a ‘privilege’ few care leavers have access to, making the transition to adulthood far more challenging than it is for other young people. For some, it can be overwhelming and the challenges can feel insurmountable.

Pure Insight mentoring sets out to support a vulnerable group of young people through a difficult transition period from leaving care to adult independence through a one-to-one mentoring programme over a committed 2 year period. We do this in Stockport and Cheshire East with plans to scale into Trafford in 2018.

We rely heavily on volunteer mentors – adults within the local community who share valuable knowledge, experience and most importantly their time to provide guidance and support to the young people they engage with. The continual support of a mentor helps young care leavers develop coping strategies to deal with both everyday and extraordinary issues they may be faced with upon leaving the care system.We know the presence of a consistent adult role model can offer invaluable life skills such as appropriate social interaction skills, negotiation skills, accepting compromise and creative thinking around problem solving, skills all young people need to develop to get on in adulthood.

Speed Mentoring Event 2015

Insightful Mentoring provides bespoke practical and emotional support to local care leavers by matching a volunteer mentor from the local community.

Full training and support is provided… if you are interested in being or having a mentor please get in touch 

If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteer mentors please complete our application form – Pure Insight Mentoring Application Form

“having a mentor has given me the confidence to make some big changes in my life”

“you’ve done a really good job matching me to my mentor, I really like her”

“it’s an amazing and welcoming place to volunteer at”

“pure insight has given me the opportunity to meet and work with a great team and help support our young adults, it’s nice to be part of an extended family who support and help each other”